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starting a crew, i hate being alone


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, open to all ranks and levels , just looking for a group of people to team up, im usually in the freeroam Grafuroam server.

i want creative people, attaching your self to truck beds and launchings rockets like in syria , throwing grenades out of the cargo bob helicopters cargo area, plan suicide bombings with planes against the people who always take over angel pine area,

cools things like that, my skype is nonarky1

im looking forward to replies, thanks

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sorry its late, but i think i can help you. my gang does all that stuff, but more. we are the only gang with personal skin mods, edited vehicle mods, and a HUGE base. we are the largest on our server and are fun as hell. play your cards right and you can get into the high ranks, i give promotions very frequently. see my signature for info and directions on how to join or contact us. you wont regret it.


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