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Hello guys, I am Romanian, but i will soon move in Denmark, and i'm learning danish, so i saw there are no danish servers (idk about scandinavian) so I would like to open a server specially for Danish/Scandinavian people, wich, i think will help me learn danish too. Anyways, let's get to the point, i would like some translators, who knows english and danish pretty well. About the server, it will be a Roleplay server or RPG, depends on what would fit. So, if you'r interested in helping me, send me a PM.

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I don't know any Danish servers but I know my own, "Grand Theft Walrus" (Freeroam, RPG, Race) and some other games, we're located in Sweden, and even if English is the servers main language, we certainly also allow Scandinavian languages such as Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. So if you're looking for Scandinavian servers this is what I can recommend, although I know it's a little ugly to advertise my own work :)

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