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[TUT] Setting up MTA DayZ [ Correctly ]


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Hi guys, I saw many people struggling to follow the step-step guide on setting up MTA DayZ. So I decided to create a written/image tutorial on how to set up a DayZ server, the correct way. Read below,

1) Download the following resources,

MTA DayZ : https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&i ... t=download

2) Once your download is complete, then head to your MTA San Andreas folder and go ahead and locate yourself to server > mods > deathmatch > resources


3) Open up your .rar of MTA DayZ which you downloaded, and Drag & Drop your [DayZ-MTA] folder into here.


4) Then head back to, server > mods > deathmatch and open up MTAServer.conf and do the following,

Firstly, change your server name to,

<servername>GTA:SA DayZ Version [LOCATION] | mtadayz.net | additional info</servername> 



Then head all the way to the bottom of the config, where all the resources are loaded and started up, like this,


5) Add in the following code in MTAServer.conf at the bottom, do it like this,


Important you must remove, the last line including 'play' and remove the resource 'votemanager' and 'scoreboard'

And past this code,

<resource src="DayZ" startup="1" protected="0"></resource> 
<resource src="login" startup="1" protected="0"></resource> 
<resource src="slothbot" startup="1" protected="0"></resource> 

Save MTAServer.conf and exit it!

6) Drag & Drop from the .rar 'internal.db' located in the Installation folder and move it into server > mods > deathmatch, like this :


7) Head to ACL.xml located in server > mods > deathmatch and open it up.

You must look for this part, it's located near the top of ACL.xml


Add in these few lines after 'webadmin'

<object name="resource.DayZ"></object> 
<object name="resource.login"></object> 
<object name="resource.slothbot"></object> 

Like this,


Once you have done it, Save it!

And you're ready to go!

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