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How many players could such VPS handle?


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Hi. I've got a VPS with such parameters:

Download250 Mbps
Upload10 Mbps
CPUi7-2600 @ 848 MHz
DistributionDebian 7.0 with some modifications as a lighter SSH server and such

Would it be possible to estimate how much players could such a server handle without too much lag?

I'm already running nginx with gzip compression enabled, the MTA server is configured to save bandwidth and the sync intervals are a bit higher (that is longer) than default.

I'll be running to MySQL database. If I'll need any database functionality, I'm going to use the MTA built in one.

My scripts will be mainly clientside to not use the server CPU time too much.

With all that, would it be possible to have let's say 16 players at the same time playing together?

If not, can you tell me what would be the biggest bottleneck in such configuration? I'm worried the upload speed could be a bit too low.

What do you think?

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The bottleneck is obviously the memory, are you sure it's not 128GB? 128MB will only hold the operating system (Debian 7.0), luckily MTA servers generally doesn't use to much RAM by default. That CPU will be really over powered in this system even if it runs on ridiculously low frequency. And the bandwidth is just fine, it's bottleneck will limit it to 10mbt/s thought since servers usually has a similar download and upload speed.

In short this configuration looks like a pure scam to me but despite the low memory you should still be able to have around 20-30 players without lag if you run a non resource intensive game mode like free roam maybe, generally you can't say how many players a server with some given specifications can handle, it's all about what resources you run on it and how optimized they are, a badly written resource could cause extreme lag even if you're alone, you also have to count with other users since many users may be on the same server while using VPS, if they do heavy calculations and stuff you might not get all the performance you pay for either.

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Thank you for replies, guys. Appreciate it.

Are you sure it's not 128GB?

It is a free VPS, so it's quite low power. No mistake here, it's only 128 MB RAM.

It's all about what resources you run on it and how optimized they are

I wanted to create a simple multi gamemode server with maybe 3 or 4 not so heavy gamemodes. Basically some mini games, as for example the haystack gamemode (I won't be using this one particularly, just an example).

In my first post I made a typo, but I actually meant I will be hosting no MySQL or any other database.

All I plan to have there is MTA server binaries and Nginx serving static files.

Currently with only nginx running, the memory usage stays at 4 MB for the whole system, so there's like 124 MB left for the server, or even more including SWAP. I don't expect to even have as much as 20 - 30 players. I'd probably keep the player slots to 16 or maybe 20 when I see there's more traffic.

With these specifications, and assuming the scripts are written properly without memleaks, do you think it could do the job?

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It is possible but don't talk about general game modes like if they where a good way to measure performance usage, if there's just one little mistake in a single script you could have a memory leak making any server lag. The best thing you could do is to try it out and launch the scripts one by one while you check how much RAM is used, set a low limit for max players to prevent memory leaks caused by many players. Sounds like some kind of virtual VPS setup and the swap file might be located on a fast SSD, if so it's not to slow compared to the RAM and you may be able to use a large amount of it as well before you notice any lag.

I would also suggest that you only run the MTA server in a screen session and nothing else on that VPS and it could be a fully acceptable server after all.

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Well, Your CPU Usage will be always 100% if you have probably more than 20 players. I own a VPS having 4 GB RAM. I run a MTA Server on it smootly for maximum 512 players.. If it goes more than 512, Server starts lagging. 128MB RAM won't run your server for more than 20 - 30 Players. I guess, you're using Hap-Host which provides free VPS for 128 MB RAM.. I'd preffer a Premium VPS to actually Run a Game Server (any game server). for Web Servers, 128 RAM Is like "okay"..

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