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planned "open development" project for a new gamemode


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So I have plans to start what I want to call the OpenDev project, which will basically be an open source active development of a gamemode that will aim to be fairly 'generic' but still kind of specialize in RPG characteristics.

Now that you have the background, what I actually want to know is two things:

1) Is there interest in such a project, it will probably work out of github (unless I find a better alternative) and will have a primary server, it will be overseen and monitored by myself but anyone can pull, fork or commit after I approve such actions.

2) For the nerds... Does anyone know of an application that gives people a method of seeing the design and content of a MySQL Database, kind of like a spreadsheet in a web browser. The idea being is people can see what is being stored, but not directly edit it.

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About the MySQL database viewer, I guess you can just use phpMyAdmin and create users with no edit permissions.

I thought about doing that, but if possible I wanted to avoid the step of logging in or having to spend time understanding what's available in phpMyAdmin. I wanted a lighter user method.

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GitHub for the source code is an obvious choice, about MySQL I'm using this. It saves all login details encrypted on your local PC, handles multiple databases and makes it just as simple editing databases as working on a regular Excel document, it's a powerful tool which you use at your own risk, it won't stop you if you try to remove the entire database for example ;)

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