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How many slots can you host whit 2.5 QuadCore CPU/ 4 gb RAM?


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Hi guys, I have a PC that I want to transform in my own hosting server.


- 2.50 Ghz QuadCore CPU

- 2 GB RAM (currently) i want to add 2 gb more (maximum amount for that motherboard)

- 250 GB HDD

So I was wondering how many slots I can host with this settings considering that I want to make an RPG server with pretty much all the stuff that it needs (jobs, factions, turfs, etc.)

I must add that I want to use this computer only for hosting the server, MYSQL db, and website/forum and I was thinking to use Linux as OS.

And if some of you knows how much power does the server consumes in 1 month in money aproximately?! I am asking this because I want to think on various aspects before starting this project so I can make an ideea what a server needs.

Thanks a lot!

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What´s your rpm on hdd and your ethernet speed? Because I had a windows XP PC with 2.6 ghz CPU, 4GB ram, 500gb hdd 5600rpm, 100/100 ethernet card and 100/10 modem. I ran a server with a lots of lots of scripts and could host a server with 25-30 players before it started to lag or crash.

So depended on settings, rpm on hdd and ethernet modem/card you could host a server for about 15-20 players maybe.

I am not an expert, that´s just what I think. So if anyone want´s to complain on my answear please.. I am just guessing.

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I am understanding what you say and I was thinking the same would happen in my case but I wanted to be sure before making this call, I have the funds I need to buy a proper server and I havea location where I don't need to pay any electricity bills, so I think that a server would do....

probably i'll return to develop on this but now I am too tired, thanks for the help.

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Callum is right, it's pretty much impossible to define an exact amount, however I got a few examples as a reference which I know works. I'm running the latest version of Linux Debian on all my servers since it's really resource effective, ram usage is around 100MB in idle if you have 1-2GB in total so with 4GB you may calculate with 150-200MB, that leaves the rest for your mta server, (mysql and apache2 fits in those 200MB), if your hard drive runs at 7200rpm you can gain advantage from it's swap file up to 1 or 2GB (your swap file might be 4-8GB), Linux systems are generally good at using the RAM as effective as possible including the swap file. You don't need to worry about the CPU because that's a really good one you have there.

Here's a few examples which still had some more performance to give, all running Linux Debian or crunchbang.

  • 15 years old HP laptop, 1GB ram (upgraded), 1.2Ghz pentium single core, 60GB hdd, max 63 players online (default freeroam)
  • 8 years old hommade PC, 2Ghz AMD athlon 64bit, 2GB ram, x4 320GB hdd. Did a lot of tasks at the same time, teamspeak, irc, minecraft, 4 mta servers (256 slots in each), apache2, ftp, remote desktop and many more also just below 100 players online spread over the MTA servers and a few on the web.

In short, you don't need to worry even if your scripts aren't the best optimized, I would recommend starting low (128-256 slots) and then go up if needed, most MTA servers will never have more than 100 players online at the same time anyway, and if you do you can probably afford a better server ;)

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