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Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've been at this section so, hey! I'm currently trying to get a scrollbar on this that won't fit on 1 screen. I know I can use the MMB to scroll and change the indexes of rows, but what if I want to move entire gui's? Just asking for a way of thinking. ^^

Thanking you in advance

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I am not sure what your gui looks like, but if moving the gui is a problem. Then you have to calculate the offset.


I got a GUI drawn with dxDraw functions, but not everything fits onto these small windows. Making them fit will screw up the entire gui. It would be easier if you could create a scrollbar functional. Whenever you scroll down, the elements should change. But I'm not sure how to cut off the elements inside the rectangle and keep track of the actual position of the scrollbar. I think it'll be a huge ehh.. mindcracking thing to actually do.

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