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Setting a .map to a dimension?


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Hey Guys,

So i'm trying to put a map to the dimension 38 and tried that using the dimension argument in the meta.xml

like that:

"apartment_dm.map" dimension="38" /> 

But i just don't see the objects, and yes i am in the dimension 38.

Do i have to do something else to put the map to that dimension ?

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Server side:

local Map_Data =  { } 
local MapName = "Your Map Name"  
local me_load = xmlLoadFile ( ":" . . MapName . ."/meta.xml" ) 
local m_map = xmlFindChild ( m_load ,"map", 0 ) 
        local m_mData = xmlNodeGetAttributes( m_map ) 
        if m_Data then  
        local ma_load = xmlLoadFile(":" . . MapName . . "/" . . m_mData["src"] ) 
for k, v in ipairs (  xmlNodeGetChildren( ma_load )  ) do 
-- Now loop and doop  
--- ....... Some code 
--- For Creating objects  
Map_Data [ #Map_Data + 1] = { "object",model, x, y, z, px,py,pz, LOD } -- that "object" is just to specify that its an object when you loop in i,v pairs then use ------ if v[1] == "object" then -- CREATE THE OBJECT IN CLIENT SIDE NOW 

For creating objects in another dimension then:

Client side:

-- Client side is better, you can send tables from server side for the the players in team 
local m_Objects = { } 
_createObject = createObject 
function createObject (model, x, y, z, px,py,pz, opt) 
    local px = px or 0     local py = py or 0   local pz = pz or 0  local opt = opt or false 
    local m_Cobject = _createObject(model, x, y, z, px,py,pz,opt) 
    if m_Cobject then 
        table.insert { m_Objects, m_Cobject } -- insert into a table so you can destroy it with loop when you want to stop the map 
        return  m_Cobject  
local Map_Elements  = { } 
--------------------------------- when creating the objects in client side then 
for _,v in pairs ( Map_Data )  do 
if v[1] == "object" then 
local elem = _createObject (v[2], v[3],v[4],v[5],v[6],v[7],v[8],v[9]) -- replace the coordinates with the map coordinates  
Map_Elements [ #Map_Elements + 1 ] = elem   -- insert it into table so you can remove it with a loop later 
------------------------- when removing them 
function RemoveElems () 
for k,v in pairs ( Map_Elements )  do 
if isElement (v) then 
destroyElement (v) 
v = nil 
Map_Elements = { } 

P.S I was first creating all objects in server side but after talking with Gallardo I decided to make them in client side because he advised me to keep the server side free and I know that its really complicated stuff but if you try to work on it then you'll understand how everything works ;)

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You don't need to set dimensions unless you're sending things serverside. Send them via client and hide other players clientside by setting their dimensions to non-zero ones.

Yes, you're right. I totally forgot about that since the objects will be created for client so there's no need to send players to other dimensions.

I think i didn't explained it very well, i just have a map(TDM-Map), which i want to set to a different dimension.

That function doesn't work the way you want it. You'll need to create everything manually. Check the code again.

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