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Ok, Combine the dm and stunt just with zones....i read somebody thought the beach is a good empty place to put all your stunt shit......and how about like a no fight zone where people can actually talk without being killed. maybe a spot for hand to hand combat....a spot for you CTF....races.....different games.

oh, im sure some of you have heard of that shoutcast mod for the mp3 radio......perhaps an official mta shoutcast station to go with the mod....or maybe thats a pipedream.

Better yet, it would be just dandy if rockster games hired you all and make GTA the mmorpg....nother pipedream.


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how about like a no fight zone where people can actually talk without being killed.

How about IRC? MTA's always been about unlocking the potential of GTA's gameplay for multiplayer. The GTA series have never been particularly intelligent, so I'm not sure that a "talking zone" would go down as well in MTA as it would in say, Everquest.

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it looks a bad idea

maybe more gemetypes is a solution.

stund, dm, and dm in a stundserver

the idea of making a stundpark on the beach is good, but theire have to be cars on it, because if you 'r stuck on it, you'r fucked if you don't get a ride.

is theire also a big place in gta3? (long time ago that i played it)

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i meant say in the pizza places your attack buttons wont work or something small....ive tried to talk to players but someone always starts coming after me. perhaps fighting on the stunt/beach could be an admin option.

OH, also i think it would be nice to bring in the boats. Pirate battles would seem fun. and maybe enabling the hunters guns.

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maybe a good idea, boat-wars or somthing

maybe somthing like capture the boat, if the other team steal your boat you have to destroy it.

about stundservers, just put 1 or 2 boats in it because big boat-races looks boring after 2 times.., but whit 2 boats you can do some stunting once.

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i nevver saw one in the current release, last boat i saw in mta was in mta0.2, and it crashed :shock:

I don't think they've ever been officially included, so that was probably a cheater (and proof that, contrary to popular belief, the cheat protection has improved between versions).

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