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When using onSettingChange event.

Is it possible to pass as an argument, the player who changes the setting?

I remember I saw this somewhere as an example, they were passing these arguments to the function:

function(theSetting, oldValue, newValue, thePlayer)

I've tested but thePlayer is nil..


When a setting gets changed it displays in the chatbox a message.

Ex: Set 'inkcw.changeMapTime' to '123'

How is this message displayed only to the player who changes the setting?


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Maybe the resource uses a client -> server -> client path for changing settings.

Example: you click on a button to change a value of a setting -> the client sends your data to the server and then if successful triggers a callback client event that will output in the chatbox that message (as it is only visible to you if it is used clientside).

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I wonder how the message "Set 'inkcw.changeMapTime' to '123'" is only displayed to the player who changes the setting.. :\

Well, it's quite easy, the admin panel sends each action to the server side, which includes the admin who did the action, it doesn't output that message using that event.

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I searched Server and Client files of the Admin resource. I didn't find the line where it sends the message to the server.


But I found something,

I found this event like this:

addEvent("onSettingChange", false) 
addEventHandler("onSettingChange", root, 
function(name, oldvalue, value, playeradmin) 

It's plassing a 4th argument

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