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[Help] Triggering Client Event


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Hello,Today I've made Iron Miner Job

All Things works perfectly ,But there something ,When Send the info of Account from Server to Client won't Triggering

Server Side:

triggerClientEvent("onClientCraft", root,tonumber(newirons))) 

Client Side:

GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(327, 209, 182, 29, "You have 0 blocks of iron", false, GUIEditor.window[3]) 
        function getirons(irons) 
        guiSetText(GUIEditor.label[1],"You have "..irons.." blocks of iron") 
        addEventHandler("onClientCraft", getRootElement(),getirons) 

Error:Server Triggered ClientSide event onClientCraft,but event is not marked as Remotly triggerable

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