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Suggested specs needed on a VPS


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I am looking at VPS's and I am trying to find one close to where I live (Australia) and I am wanting to know if the specs that I am looking at are good enough.

I have looked at a company called Digital Ocean and I am looking at their $5 VPS which gives:

Ram: 512mb

Processor(s): 1 core (Processor: Intel Hex-Core)

Hard drive space: 20GB SSD

Bandwidth: 1TB

Link: https://digitalocean.com/pricing/

I am also wanting to be able to run a mysql server on it as well as maybe other games as well (Not minecraft or anything, probably Just Cause 2 Multiplayer) and also if I need to, a teamspeak server for my friends to use (only use about 10 slots at max.)

If the specs aren't good enough and you know some that would be better, please comment below, otherwise if you think it will suffice, then please comment below as well.


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