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Texture / rendering bug



Hello, I have the strangest bug I've ever seen in the history of MTA... When I play, mostly DM racing, there are objects that "flicker" or bug out and start flashing all over my screen, as if It is a render bug, and this does not happen to all objects, mostly ones that overlap, I believe, but I am not 100% sure.

Here's what it looks like:



I can't find out what the problem is. I've re-installed GTA and MTA multiple times and tried different versions of MTA, haven't tried anything below 1.3.5, my GTA is 1.0 and I tried several different GTA install files (downloaded several seperate ones) I also switched videocards to see if it was my card having problems rendering, but no, It was bugged with both cards, so it can't be that. I'm really running out of ideas on what could be causing it, and an MTA bug seems quite unlikely as it seems I'm the only one I know that has this problem. The flickering and flashing varies in several ways, and it definitely seems like my game is having trouble properly rendering the textures or something like that. Also, I haven't modded my game in any way, tried several different settings and It's always the same.

#EDIT: This started happening around a week ago or so.

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Yeah it has something to do with the camera orientation indeed, I mostly have it on loops when my car is upside down, but it has also occurred when I'm right side up, and it has also occurred when I'm in a hunter, flying over a map. I think it has something to do with objects overlapping but I don't know. The problem does occur everywhere, not in GTA SA though, only MTA.

#EDIT: Also, this problem came out of the clear blue, I do believe it started happening after an update, but I can't be sure.

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