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call dxText:create


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Race has a textlib.lua file which allows you to create dxTexts. It's like a library.

I'm trying to export the function (dxText:create) but everything points that it's because of the name containing ':' that it is not working.

I changed the function's name and restarted race resource, then it was a mess.. Didn't even start (Because some things already use the function (dxText:create) inside the race resource.

Do you know how can I make the call work, even it it has 'illegal' charcters such as this ':' ?


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You can get past that and make it work by creating another function that calls that, but you shouldn't do that because metamethods are not copied.

If you dont know what metamethods are, then in other words it just means that it wont work.

It's better if you copy the library or download it from the forum here and use it in your other resource instead.

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