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Some wierd bug

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I was making jumps by robbers house with my car. Then VCES Brobhy saw that my car was going 500 kph though I was driving normally and then he banned me from VCES server. :?

I don't blame Brobhy about that, I would had done the same, but I even didn't know such a bug excists. :roll:

My car was that tan Sentinel.

Sorry this should be a wrong topic

:arrow: MTA:VC 0.3

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well, although I don't know how to utilize it, I know there is a warping bug somewhere around there...also dependant on your ping, you could have been loosing packets left and right and the car could have stopped on his screen, on the next packet the game gets it kind of, draws a line and makes you fly along it to compensate lol. I'm sure someone else could explain it better.

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