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how do i create my own server?

Guest Irfman

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Im asking the MTA team. I live in the U.K and Ive got friends asking me to make server just for us or anybody who wants to join. How do i make or get my own server.

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Im asking the MTA team.

I'm not on the MTA team, but they have better things to do :roll:

1. Download either the Win32 or the Linux server (depending on your OS) from the link on the homepage (in the blue box near the top).

2. After you've unzipped it to wherever (it doesn't matter), open up mtaserver.conf in Notepad.

3. The file is well commented, so it's just a case of changing the data to fit your needs (i.e. changing the server name, number of players, etc).

4. Run the MTAServer0.3.1.exe file. If you want to join the server yourself from that machine, run the MTA client and type "localhost" into the IP box.

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