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MTAMA/mIRC problems


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Hi, i've been trying to get a server admin running and so far have been unsucessful. People keep telling me its easy but I just can't do it. I can get the admin tool up on mIRC but i can not connect to my own server to use this. it keeps saying connection refused on mIRC and connection timeout on the admin tool

Has anyone got any ideas ?? Anything would be greatful.



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ok ok do this.

turn that firewal off

launch the game server.

than check that dos window you get for this line

ADMINSERVER:sucsesfily started on port 4003

if its there continue

it it isnt check the mtaserver.conf file and go to the section were you can set admin on /off admin pass and admin port.

remove the # in front of

AdminServer 1

AdminPort 4003

AdminPassword "blablabla"

save and run the server again check if the line is correct.

that start your mta client and in the ip window typ

if you can get in you know its working ,launch op mirc ip

connect if it works you can test script and schit and evrything.

than if you dont know your ip http://www.whatismyip.com.

than change the 127.0.01 with your ip.

hope that helped in anyway

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Thanxs for the help guys really appreciated I am getting closer!! But... when i open my server and try and connect through mIRC on the Dos window it says Admin Log in Pete My network IP etc but then it automatically logs me back out, i have turned my firewall of and tried a different Admin Port number but no luck.

Any Ideas ??

Again thanxs for the help so far

Thanxs Andy

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btw 2 posts back that ip isnt that the ip of your routher?

im pretty sure it isnt your internal ip.

though im happy for you its working.

maybe try this to make sure you have the good internal ip.

click on stat->run->command->press enter

than in the dos window ipconfig. look for ip adres that the good internel one

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I have got a problem, if i connect to my own server with IRC he says:

"disconnected:user" firewall was off, my own ip doesn't work, doesn't work and doesn't work either.

Who is smart enough to make it work... :)



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