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Help me (fraps problem!)

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I have added a reply 2 another topic no1 replied so here it goes again, sorry if this is a kind of spam but i really need help.

me uses fraps 2 make videos, put wen i press f9 2 save it, my pc will either reboot itself or go into standby 4 a few seconds and then come back in2 the game. this is really annoying as wen i have dun somthing really cool it will not save. I have lookd on http://www.fraps.com read the help files and so on.i hav a 7200rpm HDD so i changed reso 2 640 x 480. The problem still happens. This is really anooying.

Can any1 help?

Or did any1 used 2 have this problm but has solved it?

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hmm, ok well.. go into fraps.. then change the button to another key, example myne is f7.. A because itt don't mess up the chat thing and b 7 is my fav number.. if that aint the reason then the only thing i can think of is u aint loading fraps right or u got a fake version?

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In ascending order of difficulity:

- Assign the recording action to a different key (as already suggested)

- Reinstall FRAPS; something might have gone very wrong (not likely, but there's always a slim chance)

- Update your GFX card drivers (rebooting always strongly suggests a drivers problem)

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thank you 4 ur replys. They have really helped me 8) .

I think it wud have 2 b 1 of the 1st 2 things prokopis kindly added becz my graphics card is a fairly new radeon 9600. :wink:.

I will try assinging the previous F9 2 a key like F7, and tell u how my pc responds.

The fraps i have is possibly a fake becz the person who sent it downloaded it off emule.

Could [LsL]Dark & prokopis add me 2 ur contact list as i wud b very happy if u cud send me your version. (btw its [email protected]).

Also cud you all keep posting replys on any other reasons it may b that havnt been suggested already.

Thx 4 reading


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