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*/whereis option* *name prefix* *friendly fire*


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just some thoughts..

* what if there was a /whereis option for your other teammates?

let's say a teammate lost his vehicle and needs to be picked up or a teammate needs a pickup at a spawning point or whatever you would type /whereis teammate1 in the chatbox then his square starts blinking on the radar now i know my teammates exact location and can go pick him up.

* set a prefix and color for each name ..

for ex.

©_alias .. for Cop with a corresponding color

(S)_alias .. for SWAT with a corresponding color


* a friendly fire option ..

so that, from the serverside, you can choose if friendly fire should be on or off meaning when its on you can't hit other teammates.

note: maybe these things are already considerd by the MTA team so if they are then just ignore this :wink:

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