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draw distance


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300 is maximum of distance units.

I force all my clients to load everything on 300 so the objects will be loaded at eagle speed.

I also like to go more then 300, pity it won't be supported. 10000!

I also put setfarclipdistance to 600 (gta san world) (normal is 400)


Farclipdistance can only de-increase the load distance from elements when you put the settings lower then 400, but it gives a nice overview.(nice for mapping) 600/800 is ok

I tried 20000 farclip it was laggy, but when I put 1000000 my gta started to crash :D

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addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, 
    function ( ) 
        for i = 1, 10000 do 
            engineSetModelLODDistance ( i, 300 ) 
    setFarClipDistance(5000) -- we adjust visibility range on 3000 metres 

This is My Script, but even with this, this is how it looks like


And when I zoom with a sniper this is how the object looks like


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It's on 5000 but nothing ... I really don't know what the hell is the problem. In SAMP I can see everything very well, but in MTA... Maybe there some kind of limitations in DayZ Mod ... I dont know, I'll ask them on their forums, but I hope there are some genius out there who can help me in this forum too. :)

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On 12.3.2013 at 1:56 PM, qaisjp said:

You can set the weather to crazy numbers (try one of these: 55, 56, 666, 1337, 69, 100, 101) and one of them have really good draw distances. I don't remember which one and I cannot test.


You can set it to 200 and as long as you fly below the clouds, you can see the whole map xD

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On 17.10.2016 at 3:44 AM, Gravestone said:

Do you realize that you bumped a 3 year old post? -.-

Idk how this bump system works, but I did not realize that. I realized, that the post was very old after I replied, though. Maybe this information was useful to someone else reading this thread.

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