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[TUT] Disable the infinite loop protection


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There is a protection in Lua that prevent infinite loops from blocking the server forever.

Sometimes (when testing things) you may need a huge loop that you know will not be infinite, but unfortunately it could still trigger that protection, so here is how to disable it temporarily:

local h1, h2, h3 = debug.gethook() 
-- Your loop here 
debug.sethook( _, h1, h2, h3 ) 

I hope it will be useful for someone else :)

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A more sensible approach would be to make use of timers. Set a very frequent timer and execute the loop in portions. Your method will simply stall the server and all players will eventually time out.

It depends on the use, I just used it to import +2000000 mysql rows to a sqlite database.

Thanks to OP :D

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