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Server Censorship


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When the F*** did you a******* start using that goddam censorship on your servers?! i cant even type "stfu", which isnt a real F****** word, without being kicked!! and the word "moron", we play deathmatch, ppl cheat, tension runs high, and we can't effectively mock or insult each other anymore. what the hell?!

TYPING IN CAPS LOCK IS ANNOYING, so im glad ppl get kicked for that. you should put this in the message of the day or something, "swearing will get you kicked" ppl are finding out the hard way and its FAR more likely to piss us off then.

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They are Testing a new admin tool, that will kick people for certain things and yes cursing CAN get anoying and is not good for new people to come online and the first thign they get is , player :F*** you!! And kids yes kids do play this game people under the age of 18 ,even know this game is for +18still we dont want to give them more cursing then they are already getting.But since you'r not mature enough not to curse for atleast 10 minutes you deserve it, and dont you EVER think about posting a topic and talking this way about the developers again. :evil:

And STFU does is cursing since it means shut the F*** up


:arrow: LOCKED

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