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Hey Guys, VinTech here,

We are posting this to say that we are doing an "extremely basic" tutorial for beginners at .LUA, it is to encourage people to script and everything will be from the WIKI, so, this is just to make it a bit more enjoyable than reading the wiki.

It will cover the basics of the Wiki's "Introduction to Scripting" -- A basic spawn create vehicle.

Remember this is JUST to get people Started!

Comment, Rate and Subcribe!

Thanks VinTech

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This won't help at all.

It will, when I started scripting, I didn't have fun reading out the WIKI, but with someone talking you through it, that can motivate you!

You won't learn Lua reading MTA:SA's wiki so I don't see why this can help.

Yes, This isn't to Make you a master of Lua, I am just teaching the basics of Scripting for MTASA.

Please Subscribe Everyone

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