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Proper Way of Asking Questions:

Many people here ask for help without giving us much details about their problem. So, we have to ask the author of the topic to give us some more details.

If you want us to help you and you don't explain what your problem is about, it doesn't help us to help you.

WRONG way of asking for help:

I have problem with my script :( it doesn't work.. help me!

What information does this sentence give to us? We know that script doesn't work but we don't know why and in what way it doesn't work. We'll never know that unless you give us some more information about your problem.

CORRECT way of asking for help:

I have problem with my script :( it doesn't work.. It doesn't start when I try to run it :( and gives me errors such as: -- on line 12. I don't know why... Here is my code:

-- some Lua code added in the appropiate code box (using the ''< >'' buttons in post creator, and with the Lua syntax highlighting flag.


It helps us straight away. We know your script doesn't start when you try to run it and we have some of the code that we can tell you what you did wrong, and optionally we got some error/debug warnings to help us narrow down the problem/bug in your code accurately.

What information should my question contain?

- What is the reason you make new topic? Whether it's problem with your script or need help with something else, like what the best approach is to a certain goal you're trying to achieve with code.

- Explain what is wrong? Tell us what happens when you test your script and what is that you want it to do.

- Give us some of your code so that we can help you correct it.

- Tell us if you get any error or warning messages and what they are. We can determine what causes the script not to work quicker.

- If your topic is about asking more experienced scripters to help you out on knownledge and skill-related subjects, be clear what you want to achieve (like the most efficient and performance-optimal way to code a certain feature, help with which functions to use or where to start while trying to develop a certain type of script, or explain on which aspect of a function you want to learn more).

This thread was made to combine and reduce announcements. Thanks to blokker, driver2 and 50p for this info.

Updated on 29th April 2017 to reflect the newer Section guidelines correctly and integrate well with it. (refer to https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/94790-guidelines-and-formatting-for-this-section-read-before-posting/)

Edited by Dutchman101
Updated to fit in with new section regulations, removed some outdated/deprecated information
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