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Call function error


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Hey Guys,

I have a trouble with my map script. I want to get all maps which are compatible with the race gamemode. I try it via call function but i get a error.


ERROR: call: failed to call 'mapmanager:getRunningGamemode'

ERROR: call: failed to call 'mapmanager:getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode'

my Code: ( Clientside)

gmodes = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getRunningGamemode") 
    local maps = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode",gmodes) 
        for id,map in ipairs(maps) do 
            maptable[id] = {} 
            maptable[id].info = getResourceName(map) 
            maptable[id].author = getResourceInfo(map,"author") 
                local row = guiGridListAddRow(gMapGrid) 

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