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k, seeing as I need to do it here too, please before you post consder the following,

1. if you think it's been said before IT HAS don't post it, it just makes more work for us mods

2. If you think it hasn't, Look through the forum

3. if your too lazy use the search button up there next to FAQ

4. if you give us an idea, make it a full one, don't just go

:Your in this bus and you need to steal it.

5. the following has been asked before and again:

- Gone in 60 Seconds - Not same as the film, but you have to steal a certain amount of a certain car and bring it back to ya base.

- Speed - One person drives a bus and others have to make him slow downbetween 50mph, or everybody drives a bus and last person to survive wins.

- Police - You have to arrest as many people as you can within a certain time limit, the person with more arrests wins.

- Crazy Taxi - You have to pick us a many customers and take them to their destination. The person with more customers at the end of the time wins.

- Live Saver - You have to save as many victims as you can. The person who saves most when the time runs out wins.

- Fire Fighter - You have to put out as many fires as you can before end of the time, the person who saves most in the end wins.

- Co-op - A normal coop mode.

- Package Finder - Each person has to find all 100 packages to win.

- Riot - All the peds fight each other and have fight you, they also have weapons (probably could just use the cheat if it allows ya)

- Criminal - Everybody against one, the person who kills the criminal is it.

(taken from DarkMasterOz posts, thanks for making my job easier :) )

Counter strike mod - don't EVER mnetion this, EVER


CTF (it's known as capture the whoopie.)


Radar showin where other players are

More then one player in a car

Mta for vice city


and thats all i can think of, any other mods want to add anything, just edit it and for those idea makers out there, thanks for reading this ahead of time.

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