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[REL] A/D Aspect 1.0.4 [SOURCE]


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A/D Aspect it's a Attack/Defend type of game mode, was created for professional clan matches with attention to clean game and playinign with rules.

It's based on BaseMode ( my previous project ), but with coincidence of time almost completely been changed to other gamemode, in comparison with basemode source code differs in more than 90%.

It is very well optimized and programmed for the latest versions of the Multi Theft Auto.


* expanded configuration panel,

* restore feature ( with saving position, weapons, vehicles, health etc ) available as /restore command ( only in match mode ),

* global ban list

* detection modified files in gta3.img ( with the exception of weapons textures and weapons models resembling in size to original models ),

* kicks for ping, fps and packet loss abousing,

* info box with important information,

* match feature ( uniform settings of weapons and vehicles, addition features available only in this mode) available as /startmatch [base/tdm] [rouds] command,

* client panel ( with client settings and key binds ),

* globally client statistics saved on clients disk,

* auto pause feature ( auto pause when player got time out durring match ) available in match mode,

* map viewer available as /view command,

* vote for maps available as /vote [base/arena] command.

* preview of commands usage of players visible on chat ( only in match mode),

* preview of started resources visible on chat ( only in match mode),

* detection of fake times outs ( only in match mode),

* expanded teams, weapons, vehiles, and spawns selectors,

* expanded spectator,

* anti helli-kill and car kill available as settings in configuration panel,

* built-in scripts 'reload' and 'injury',

* possibility to do screenshot from game to each player on server available as /screen command,

* report system for reporting issues available as /report

* call help system default available as H key,

* and many more minor features,

Command list

/pm [id] - private message

/arena [id] - for starting arenas

/base [id] - for starting bases

/end - for ending the round

/add [id] - for adding the player to round

/resetscore - restart all players and teams score

/gunmenu [id] - for giving the gunmenu for the player

/remove [id] - for removing the player from the round

/screen id quaility(0-100) [taq] [width] [height] - for doing screenshot for the player

/vote [base/arena] [id/ids] - for start the voting

/car [id] - for get the vehicle in main lobby

/clean - for restart the rounds history

/pause - for pausing/repausing the round

/swap - for change the teams sides

/tp [id1] [id2] - for teleport the player1 to the player2

/heal [id] - for heal the player

/healall - for heal all players

/startmatch [base/tdm] [rounds] - for starting the match

/endmatch - for ending the match

/gun - re weapon select

/rsp - for re-sync

/view - for viewing the maps


Default binds

F1 - configuration panel

F3 - client panel

F4 - re-select team

H - call help

R - Realod the weapon

Access ( add in acl.xml )

To run

*update server and client to 1.3

*make sure the resource has access to the functions listed above


mtascreen20120201225103.th.png mtascreen20120201224211.th.png mtascreen20120201224158.th.png mtascreen20120201224147.th.png

mtascreen20120201224044.th.png mtascreen20111202082219.th.png mtascreen20111202082235.th.png mtascreen20111206114827.th.png

mtascreen20120201223308.th.png mtascreen20120115231656.th.png mtascreen20111130202330.th.jpg

33953192.th.png 96436052.th.png

FAQ about source code:

Q: Why you relase the source code?

A: I finished work on the project, ( although gamemode it is not finished )

Q: Why sometimes the code is unreadable?

A: Because some parts of code are really old: D And I did not improve this before the relase.

Q: Why almost there is no comment?

A: The project was never intended to be open source ( in the assumption ). For me that was no problem. I versed in this without problems.

Q: You could do ...

A: I know, but project is discontinued, and I will not do anything.




http://code.google.com/p/ad-aspect/sour ... n%2Faspect

Detailed description + RULES: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Aspect

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Stop server, open acl.xml and add new acl grup:

<acl name="aspect"> 
 <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.startResource" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.stopResource" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.callRemote" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.setPlayerMuted" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.banPlayer" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.setServerConfigSetting" access="true"></right> 
 <right name="function.getClientIP" access="true"></right> 

and later add aspect to this group:

<group name="aspect"> 
 <acl name="aspect"></acl> 
 <object name="resource.aspect"></object> 

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One global timer on server side, on every secound is not a " lots of timers", rest of timers are temporary, of short execution time and with a small number of repetitions ( mostly only once ), which do not occur at the same time, to the vast majority of client side. So if you do not have adequate knowledge don't talk nonsenses :D

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