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Me and My friend just tried it for the first time.we did everything right but when we see each other its really really laggy.he'll be in front of me one second,then he'll disapper and reapearre somewhere else.we both have fast connections and both run gta3 well.please send any help that you have.any help will be greatly appreciated.thanks

p.s:keep up the good work!

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sorry i cant explain taht in english

maybe anybody can translate it


für den trick brauchst du aber windows xp oder windows 2000.

starte gta3 und die console.

öffen den taskmanager und stell die preorität (unter prozesse) von gta3 auf höher als normal und die adminconsole auf hoch

jezt leuft gta3 fileicht nicht mer ganz so flüssig aber der ping ist (wen ihr nicht grad in der 2ten stadt seit) eigentlich ok.

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mebe i can help :) :

for the trick you need windows xp or windows 2000. start gta3 and the CONSOLE. pracktes the task manager and places preoritaet (under processes) from gta3 on higher than normal and the adminconsole on high actually jezt leuft gta3 fileicht not more mer completely so liquid however ping is (whom its not degree in the 2ten city since) ok.

mebe not :( it isend that clear i see but mebe it can help.


Join Yakuza we wil pay you wel 8)

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