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The Blue Dragon Gang

Guest Blue Dragon

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The Blue Dragons are based, mosly on Racing and Nightlife, we also can do favors for people if they do something for us in return. Our gang cars are either a Blue Stinger or Blue Banshee.

Our main gun to use is the pyhon/.357. Our uniform a blue shirt with a blue dragon on it.Its just like the one u see in the pictures of us, without the headband. If u join we will send you a skin of that uniform.


Our main buisnesses and locations our around the malibu and sunshine autos.

Leader: Blue Dragon


Second in Command: RMM342


We Hope You Join our gang, it will be worth your while right now we do not have a server that we host, but hope to get 1

If u want to join you can email me At [email protected]

or just post leaving your email. :car29:

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the new gangs are fine ransom, everyone has to start somewhere right :wink: i mean comon, look how vcp started, we were just another gang at the time, and look at us now :D so be nice to the new gangs

welcome blue dragon, im glad u want to start a gang and all, but please make this one different from all the rest somehow, thats my only request from u guys :D

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