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Serious Street Racing - game list

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(This topic is redundant because I have retired the SSR clan from MTAVC.)

Serious Street Racing Game List

Est. 26/09/2003

Topic Purpose

This topic will be used to keep a list of all our played games. I will decide which events we compete in but the team we put forward into each might not include me.

All team members can discuss possible events and challenges we might take up but I am the only person who may create topics for us.

Game List

As the ladder tournament never really took off, SSR are proposing that this area be made into a more casual inter-gang area, where teams can just arrange to meet each other in-game and mess around in "friendly" style matches. They can then report back saying whether the other gang is well skilled, mention anything interesting that happened. It will make the scene both less aggressive and will allow people to learn from each other and get better.

Seems all good to me.

Gang Details

You can find our list of registered members in the "Official Gangs List" and can join us via the "SSR-Recruitment" thread.

Our HQ is registered in Vice Point. It is a very large blue structure with ramps leading up to the raised floor. A good pilot can land a helicopter on the roof. There are a variety of places from which long-range cover fire can be made by attackers but the property offers a great deal of cover for those defending.

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