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Hey there, the search thingy doesnt want me to search anything so I dont know if this has been posted before, but lets get to the point.

As some of you know, there is a GTA total conversion called GTA United (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gta-united), which brings back Vice city and Liberty city (both in 1 map).

So far, the only working multiplayer mods with it have been GTA Rumble (very outdated) and a special version of SA-MP (with mostly empty, locked or little populated servers). Since MTA is technically better than SA-MP, Id like to see MTA supporting the GTA United mod, or (because of compatibility issues) a special version of MTA designed specifically for it. I am convinced that If MTA supported GTA United, more players would be playing it and also they would have more fun because of the MTA's infinite possibilities. It would also open new possibilities of expansion for the server owners without having them change a single thing in their code.

I think it would be possible, and with MTA being open-source, even easy to make.

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I'm 100% agree of this idea for sure

It would be such fun with it, but most players dosen't know this mod or the file is too large & some another reasons...

+ Bugs are in United, we can't trust 100%, if MTA United is coming, its will take days or weeks to fix these, or we shall wait for a Update on United Team.

Greedz United Team.

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So? Will we see Vice city and Liberty city in MTA?

First off, you bumped an old thread and included no new information in your post or anything of worthy significance. However, if you read the last note on the Mantis post linked above, it says that Eir is the way to go for this. Unfortunately, Eir has been quite glum as of late.

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Asking for more information is a good enough reason to post for me. Especially when I dont want this project to fade away just like that. Besides, forums are for discussions, not for "not posting". In any case, thank you for the link. Bug tracker itself seems kinda dead but the target MTA version is 2.0 so I suppose some work either is or will be going on. The Eir project looks promising, lets see how it goes. Just dont forget about this people, it would be a huge asset for MTA to support total conversions.

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