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Server Hosting Question?

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Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if you could help me?

I'm thinking of upgrading my crap system tomorrow so that I can begin hosting as a server for Vice City. I intend playing on my server too. This is what I will have tomorrow after my upgrade:

Windows XP Professional.

Pentium IV - 2.4Ghz Processor.

512 MB RAM.

512 Kb/sec Broadband Connection.

Do you think this will run ok? If so. How many players do you think I will be able to support without it lagging?

The reason I ask is because I've started up a site hoping to get local people involved in some Vice City play, gangs etc... My, site, which you can find here, is primarily so that people who live in the North East of Scotland can get involved and hopfully play with minimal lag. However, it also contains a lot of instructions and advice that Noobs would find helpful.

I would be very grateful if someone could please let me know if you think my computer and connection would handle being a server as I'm a bit scared of footing the cost for the upgrade of it's not going to work.


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First of all, the hardware doesn't matter, what matters is your internet connection. Is it 512 both ways or is it 512/128 or something? No point in trying to run a server with 128 upload, it would maybe take 3 players if you're lucky. I run a 10 player server on my 1024/1024 SDSL line, and that works great without any lag. Takes about 900kbit of my upload with 10 players on it. :)


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on server side:

incomming is 4 Mbits on 25 players and between 1.4 - 2 Mbits with 15

outgoing is really low always so thats not important, it never went past 200 kbits

as of now (9/15 players):

Max In: 1402.1 kb/s (1.4%)

Average In: 116.3 kb/s (0.1%)

Current In: 1402.1 kb/s (1.4%)

Max Out: 188.5 kb/s (0.2%)

Average Out: 44.7 kb/s (0.0%)

Current Out: 142.5 kb/s (0.1%)

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