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Few suggestions after playing mtavc for to long:


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HI there, first of all i would like to start of with a big congratulation on your game, not only did you succeed to manage team related problems, netcode problems and stability(although people might debate on this one:) but im sure it started of far less stable. Besides all this you managed to implement a greatly inspired gameplay that even in this early stage keeps me(and my friends) trapped behind my(..or our) monitor:)

as a product of my gametime, here some suggestions..

-the names (f10) used, use perspective, in gta(at least on my 800x600 res) you need to get very very close to know who the person is, maybe a second mode under f10 might help out disabling the perspective on the names

-i wont wine about it, but.. the game crashes alot, my personal miniature answer to this was to download tweakxp and disable the bugreport to microsoft, that helkped alot in getting out of crashes and the speed im in the game again. because the client/server reads info from memory i tryed some memturbo utilitieswith mem defragging option(didn't work for client, didn't test on server) If the crashes cannot be fixed on short notice, i was thinking about the value and possibility of removing the startupscreen(i tryed this, but im no modder, and i couldn't find the way to do this) ...if it however is easy, please put a pack for download that enables us this feature.

-*grin* i couldn't help notice the police copter shooting on the startup screen:))

Great work!!

greets rhinox

(ps. i didn't read all posts, if anyone posted these excact suggestions, and decides to wine about my post...dont even go there.. i wont listen:))

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lmfao... most of it has probably been covered over a dozen times, as far as i can see =P j/j. I agree about the name's but i think they are allready on it. Dont quote me.

I couldn't resist :lol:

The player names sounds like a good idea but I gus they're already working on it. About the game crashing alot I think it depends a little of when you join the server. When I play on private ones and everyne joins ath the same time I almost never crash but when I play on big servers with people already playing when I join i can crash 3-4 times in 20 min. Probably has something to do with the synching problems...

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