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traffic lights

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Im in Serious Street Racers (Cerberas racing gang) and i was wondering whether it is possible to syncronize the traffic lights with each other, that would be a great for us street racers. Or if not the traffic lights, can you snyc the clock so then i can say "Go when the clock hits 630" or something along those lines. That could help to.

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Problem with syncronising this sort of stuff is that it requires constant updates in what is already a band-width hungry environment. Currently, you enter the game and it will always be 21:00, regardless of other people in-game. If you synced your entry time to the HOSTER's entry time, you'd often get slowly out of sync due to loading times when changing islands and gerneral gameplay slowdown.

I think just typing in the chat box is plenty. With regard to street racing, all that needs to be done for the first street racing mode is have no weapons and a few static images on the radar (like the pink arrow) indicating the varios start/finish positions for the routes I've made up.

Really is a LOT simpler than Deathmatch requires and there's no worries about lag causing bullet tracking problems because there's no bullets! :lol:

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