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[ADVC] How to use this sub-forum


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Some guidelines on how to use this subforum

Always use the appropriate tags, it makes it look better and more organised.

  • [TUT] - For a fully fledged tutorial, such as this.
  • [ADVC] - For a topic giving advice, such as this topic.
 - For a tutorial where code is just given, but commented, such asthis.

[size=6][b]Usage of BBCode:[/b][/size]

  • Use the colors such as red and green to highlight important text
  • Use [b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i] and [u]underline[/u] to hint out important or different information.
  • Use spoilers, to group information.
  • Use the 'lua' and 'code' features to syntax highlight code.
  • Use the list feature to make lists.

Post images and url's using their BBCode's.

[size=6][b]Some other advice:[/b][/size]

  • Make sure all your information is clearly explained.
  • Use paragraphs and make good judgment of text size.
  • Center the text of your tutorial
  • Make your tutorial easy to understand

I hope you like this tutorial and many more tutorials are coming your way!


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