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I dl'ed the 0.2 client to try it out, spent ALONG time finding a server where i could get in...

I played for 30 minutes and STILL HAVENT TRIED GETTING INTO A CAR!

I asked NICELY to be allowed to try the game, but NO!

Thats the problem: NOBODY FUCKIN CARES ABOUT OTHERS! SO MANY FEATURES AND ONLY ONE SECOND TO TRY THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it a perfectly normal assumption that everyone who spawns only does so to steal ur car, which u btw dont have?

sounds to me like uve been playing with people who dont share ur interests, the easiest way to go about mta is this... if u want to kill then join a public server, if u want to find out about the new features then get on with some people that u know and play with them, and if u want to kill then join one of the official servers... but dont just join a killing server and say... dont kill me, because there are people who are there to do just that, KILL so find a server that sounds good to u and join it

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As soon as i got MTA to work (AFTER RE-INSTALLING IT 3 TIMES) all i was doing was driving around saying Hop In to everyone i saw! There is a server called EnEsCe Corp MTA:VC 0.2 Server, it is a server that is for people who want to have fun with 4 person helicopters! when i found this server the chat thingy filled up with hello's and then they were all asking me if i wanted to have a lift! we ended up all being in the helicopter doing barron roll's and stuff like that!

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