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just ran 0.2 server and some feedback

Guest Murgen

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Game improved very much. No crashes, not much lag. Very good, gentlemen!

Noticed several things.

I play by my 100 Mbps LAN (server and workstation are on a lan together with an ADSL-router to the internet) and my buddy playing by the internet could not chainsaw me ... he saw my blood but I kept a 100 %, I sawed him to little pieces instead.

We could not bash each other with bare fists ... no impact on the health-counter.

At first I switched the frame-limiter off, somehow it lowered the amount of frames to a level which gave me a headache. But without limiter the textures were very slow in loading. I had to switch it back on for normal game-play.

Anyhow ... a big compliment to the ppl who created this ... multiplayer vice is great!

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