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Just another MTA:VC 0.2 error

Guest JaSp

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Well, this is my problem:

I use a no-cd patch, and after many no-cd patches tries, it definitively don't work...

So I tryed to 'cheat' with the program, I renamed 'main.scm' to 'org_main.scm', and I renamed 'mta.scm' to 'main.scm' .

Then, I connected to a server, I run GTA:VC manually, and 'Start New Game' . Great ! I can see Diaz with his gun... But after a few second, the screen freeze; at the same time I hear a car motor starting, the sound is still playing while the screen stay frozen... :cry:

So, is there any solution for this problem ? Is there another way to play MTA:VC 0.2 ? Do the authors (who made an excellent work !) have planned to release a patch for the no-cd problems ?

Thanx to your futur replies...

(And sorry for my english)

See Ya' (I hope in MTA) !

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