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I'm not sure what to name this !! I don't know "complai

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:( hi longtime online player ,GTA newbie

All right , not start in on you right away.

But I also have the running time error 40006.

Have read practically all the postings on this problem

I've narrowed down to the Windows XP thing.

I know you will be released in the 3.0 version.

Unfortunately I have not yet begun to complain

the program looks cool but synchronizing cars and getting in the one car than out then into another then hitting alt+F12 and praying it works is a bit much hopefully you guys will have simplified the process by the next version.

Also did you know that this game is on the list for the program "The All Seeing Eye" unfortunately it won't list any of the servers.

And adding one more complain to know how hard it is to find anything on this MOD through any of the search engines. ( all the ones I do finded are in another language other than English).

I hope I did not upset anybody,

but when you find a MOD as cool as this you can get frustrated when you cann't get to work.

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I hate you with all my heart

1.this is easy to find on search engines

2.the 4006 thing, ok thats been posted a million times

3. everybody know that in .3 youll be using the actor method wich you will just be a person right away withought having to do anything.

so none of your questions shouldv'e been asked

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