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If your MTA crashes on startup or during game load, or complains "Your client has been modified," please try the following before starting a new topic:

  • If MTA is claiming that you have a modified client, please be sure you are running MTA on a clean, unmodified installation of Grand Theft Auto. If you are unsure, reinstall both the game and MTA 0.5r2 and try again.
  • Delete the gta_vc.set or gta3.set file located in the GTA Vice City User Files or GTA3 User Files (depending on which game you have issues with) in your Documents folder/library (Windows Vista and 7 users) or My Documents directory (Windows XP users).
  • If you're getting an "Invalid Executable" error, try Talidan's Invalid Executable Patcher if you have a German or Australian copy of GTA:VC. Otherwise, try to find a 1.0 No-CD executable.
  • If your anti-virus is claiming MTAClient.exe as a virus, add an exception and read here for an explanation.
  • Install the latest DirectX runtimes.
  • If your issue is not listed here, check the Known Issues with MTA 0.5r2 topic for more obscure issues and potential fixes.

If none of the above help your issue, please try reinstalling both GTA and MTA 0.5r2. If that still doesn't resolve your issue, please post a new topic and describe in detail what your issue is.

Thank you!

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