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to the is it legal thread, just download it. im sure rockstar is gonna go after you when over 300 people downloaded vice off the same site i did, not to mention, all the other sites, and kazza. the site is http://xxxx/ you need a thing called bittorent, all it is is a download application, and its p2p so they cant prosicute just one person. they are bin and cue files so download daemon tools (search for it on yahoo) to emulate a cd drive if you dont wanna burn it because you need 800 mb cds (which are rare) most are 700 mb. so just get daemon tools, and it works great, as if i bought it. download the 1528 mb one cause thats the one that i downloaded and mine worked and your guarenteed a working game. awesome quality, takes about 1-2 days to download on cable/dsl if you leave it on like 3/4 the time, so about 36 hours download time. direct link for game is http://xxxx if you want it. later

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