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an Idea perhaps?

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Hey everyone, new to the boards, but I sometimes hang out in the mirc channel when I'm not formatting my machine (you think I'm joking, but with the amount of s*** people put on this- it's about once a week..)

anyway, I went to redownload mta again, I took a look at the .2 version coming out.. looks incredible.. it's amazing what you can do in the process of turning a single player game into a multiplayer game.. my only question is about health bars.. wouldn't it be easier to just use xxx/xxx?

ie; a/b (whereas a=hp, b=shield (if any))

so it would say:


[100/56] or something.. I think it would look a lot better than healthbars.. am I wrong? Probably, but I thought it was worth a shot..

oh.. and allow rotorkills :P on .01 it just says 'died'.. I want credit fer my nose diving abilities heh

anyway.. thats it.. if I think of anything else.. I'll post it unless someone else already has..



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