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Hey i have a couple of suggestions.


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Sorry about posting here but the forum i needed was locked :?

Also im sorry if this has been suggested before but im kind of in a rus hto check :lol:

Ok, i know people can make there own cars and billboards and stuff like that on gta3, so i take it that it can be done in gta:vc too. Has anyone thought about an official(with the mta's staff of course) gta:vc car/world pack(with advertisments leading to say this site etc) and cars having a mta logo or something to this effect.

Also in the next release, any chance of having several choppers spawn, it seems to be a race for the choppers at the start(not trying to sound unappriciative).

Also just to say great job guys, amazing stuff here. :D:!:

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well there is a project going on that changes game modes, cars, and the map all together. to make multiplayer a bit funner.

i guess on the choppers/cars is that there only can be 50 or so cars/helicopters/bikes on the map at once. or else it would be very unstable

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