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how about taunts like rts games

Guest war child alpha

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Playing age of mythology with taunts is badass and i thought it would be cool if you could chat with numbers that way as a cool shorthand trash talking!

keep up the gub work.

although i sadly report i've still been unable to get my hacked up ghetto modded version of gta to rock on all mta style but apparently it works.


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yeah, that could be nice.

but then you need to get audio files.

(programmers record them on their own?)

but you would have some assholes that abuse the system and flood with taunts.

maybe taunt spam control which let you only do 2 taunts a minute?

otherwise they do like "taunt 1, taunt 2, taunt 3, etc."



PS: by the way, hacked up ghetto version :?::?::?:

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