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Lan Playing

Guest Davey

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Can someone please direct me thro the points to let me start up a lan server, me and one other computer.

None of the other threads seem to do this, that i have looked at!

Much Thanks

D :D

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How did you connect the computers? Using a crossover cable or do you have a hub or switch in between? The method should be the same. Make sure both computers have a unique ip address, something like 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x would be good. Now on one computer start the server. On that same computer start the client, specify your version, 1.0 or 1.1. Enter a nickname. Enter the ip address of the computer you ran the server. Now click connect. Do the same on the other computer and make sure they both are connected. Now just start vice city and click New Game... If you need any more help just tell me... Next time read the manual or the forum before as it has been posted already...

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