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sp wont work after uninstalling mta :/

Guest poseidon33

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some days ago i installed mta ok i joined some server and tested this.After that i tested to go to sp but i couldnt load a game and stuff. So i unistalled every single file under mta . but it still cant work i simply cant load a game and if i try new game then this internet map just apear. what the heck is wong?

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make sure that you still ahve your original american.gxt in the Text folder and the main.scm in the data folder...

those are the only files mta adds.. and really shouldn't interfere with VC sp.. because we point the exe to our files at runtime (without altering any existing files)

if that still doesn't continue to work reinstalll... but i doubt MTA did that :-P

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I was also having this problem, see thing is, a crackhead moron stole my install disk (I am being honest), maybe one of you can send me the original files? Heh, I don't want to have to go and buy GTAIII over again.

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