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4 ideas Weapon select, start select, player skin, team game

Guest mentalfreak9

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I have heard several things about anti-cheating and garage empting ect. programming into the mod. I think that it would be a good idea to be able to set how much funds, what cars, weapons and ammo, health, body armor, ect. that you start off with.

Another idea is that you could set a staring place from some listed places or some custom coordanates.

another idea - I think that programming the mod to find your current skin and send it to all th other players so that they can see you as the way you see yourself.

My last idea is a team game. You choose a team (Gang?) and start the game. After everyone's there, you play to kill the other team's (Gang) members. (Bring their life to zero) The team to kill another teams members a set number of times or the team with the most kills after a set time, wins.

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