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F****** Problems


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I know u already said this is first version and that ur making a patch,but damn,this is unplayable.

1. I was playing,I was on a car and nobody was near me(all on other island),and then it said my car was hijacked,that has to be alot of lag.

2. I saw people using a car mod,why weren't they invisible?

3. U said on another topic that when someone was on the floor and weapons appeared he/she was dead,but I shot someone and weapons apeared,then he got up and ran away(And he didn't cheat or use trainers),I presume this was lag,it hapened again on another game.

4. U said that walking animation was disabled to improve speed,but I see people running and lyed down at the the same time,which is irritating because I had to shoot him on the floor.I think I was supposed to see them 'move while standing'.

5. Why do I see in every game in the radar a triangle indicating that theres a player on top of the building next to the spawn area?

Thank you.

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#5 is kind of a temporary holding area, it shows people who are connected to the mta client but arent actually in the game yet.

I think everything else has already been discussed a thousand times

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