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I can connect to servers, but mta client kicks me out..

Guest poseyjmac

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i searched but couldn't find something like this. i can connect to a server just fine, i ping fine to it

DigitalRadio Gang Grounds WEST CA|28ms|

i can't get ASE to work with it, so what im doing is copying the address from ASE to the mta client and connecting. it goes fine until like 5 seconds after i connect, then the client quits. why is this?

also im trying to start a LAN server on my lan and it works, then i connect to my localhost and someone else connects, but i cant' find them? are they supposed to be on radar?

and one more thing, is it normal for certain thigns like walls plants, to only appear when im close to them. like when i first start out, not even the ground is there, then slowly things appear. thanks for any help

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windows xp, and i have successfully connected to other servers(with worse ping i might add) and it works, but i couldn't find anyone. and the readme doesnt say how to find people. shouldn't they be on a radar?

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