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MTA Crash?

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Recently MTA keeps crashing, whenever I start it up, it goes to the open screen where you can browse for a server, etc. It stays for a few seconds, then goes dead slow, and finally freezes. After a minute or 2 it closes completely and just crashes.

No matter what I try it keeps crashing, help?

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Tried this?

* MTA shows a permanent black screen after the GTA splash screens (possibly with text in the bottom right corner).

This can be related to a lack of support for DirectX or video card features, on your system, which are needed to run the dynamically rendered menu. This dynamic menu is enabled by default. You can disable it by opening your coreconfig.xml configuration file located in the GTA San Andreas\MTA directory, and changing the value of menu_options to 248

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I think it must be something related to graphic card's drivers, try running in windowed mode - it worked for me.

Even if it keeps freezing you can simply ctrl + alt + del -> end process.

Unless you're using a nightly build (which should have the windowed mode option implemented) you need to download this file


Simply unpack it and put the file included in your GTA: SA directory, if you want to play in full screen mode again simply delete it.

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